Friday, January 26, 2007


The knee is one of the joints that bear several times more of the body’s weight while standing, walking, and going up the stairs. The knee joints are a very complex part of the body, like a precision machine, that enables complicated movements while supporting body weight. In these joints, bones are not directly adjoined but cartilage covers the joints to allow smoother movement. This joint cartilage acts as a cushion, being more soft and flexible than bones.

  • Bones: Made of calcium and collagen. Is hard and not flexible. Has good blood circulation and heals quickly.
  • Cartilage: Made of proteoglycan and collagen. Is soft and flexible. Does not have good blood circulation and does not heal quickly.

Osteoarthritis is a disease where cartilage wears away and causes pain. It damages the cartilage but not the bones.

synovial fluid
The synovial fluid, that fills the joint cavity covering the joint, sends nutrients to the joint cartilage. When the joint moves, the pressure change that occurs in this area causes the sponge to absorb water. Then once squeezed out, nutrients are taken in and unnecessary substances are emitted in order for new water to be absorbed. If there is no movement, the nutrients will not reach the joints, possibly causing the joint to go bad.

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Danura said...

ola! i like this post on the knee. In my class i cant stress enough on not exerting too much pressure on the knees. I have injured my left knee over practice and it took a loooong time to heal. I think alot of people take the knees for granted.


I used to be one of those people... taking stretching and warming up lightly before doing my workouts... Only this morning I hurt my left knee. I deserved this for doing my stretching very briefly this morning. I think taking supplement of Glucosamine also helps (not only the joints at the knees but also any other joints in our body)

Murabiyyah said...

Yup that's true. Ive been taking glucosamine chondrotin supplements for more than a year now and Alhamdulillah it has worked for me. They're available at Guardian.


Hey Murabiyyah... I also taking the same thing... Yup it works... but I was careless this morning with my stretching and also I have been pushing myself too much lately... Needs to slow down a little tomorrow

SiRT said...

So you guys recommend that supplement?? The one from Australia??


Yes... the one from Australia.. U can get it from the JPMC pharmacy..